The Best Aquarium Apps All iPhone Aquarists Must Have

Whether you have saltwater or freshwater fish swimming around at home, you'll want to download and use the very best iPhone aquarium apps.

Though they are undoubtedly beautiful, aquariums are much more than astonishing pieces of decoration. After all, they are inhabited by living beings. It doesn’t matter whether you have saltwater or freshwater fish swimming around at home. Regardless of your preference, you’ll want to download and use the very best iPhone aquarium apps.

You undoubtedly know very well how much work, effort, and time goes into the maintenance of your aquarium’s health. Proper aquarium maintenance is a whole lot easier to learn if you have a few relevant iPhone apps on deck. This is the exact reason why we’ve put together this shortlist. It’s a compilation of the best (not literally) fishy apps the App Store has to offer.


Aquarimate is a powerful app perfect for managing both saltwater and freshwater aquariums. The app costs $9.99 but comes equipped with an immense library, containing heaps of information on freshwater and saltwater fish. It has information on invertebrates, coral, and plant species, too. The app also packs a wide variety of tools such as tank parameters tracking and livestock tracking. It also includes task reminders, tank parameters, activity analysis with graphs, the ability to manage several aquariums, and advanced unit converters and dosing calculators.

Aquarium Manager

Just like Aquarimate, Aquarium Manager also specializes in aquarium management, although its set of features is somewhat smaller compared to that of Aquarimate. The latter fact, of course, does not make it any less useful. It has everything an aquarist needs to maintain as many healthy aquariums as desired. With Aquarium Manager, you can effectively manage multiple aquariums, create to-do lists for various tasks and testing, and monitor water parameters in the test center to ensure ideal water parameters. Free, with in-app purchases.

Reef Tank Pro

Reef Tank Pro boasts a design as colorful as the flora and fauna of a coral reef and focuses on saltwater fish tank management. For only $2.99, you get an all-in-one aquarium app with which you can manage as many saltwater fish tanks as you like. You can track chemical levels, easily manage water changes with notifications and a countdown timer displayed on the home screen. The app also stores records of fish and coral you can spruce up with pictures and custom notes.

Apex Fusion

With Apex Fusion — brought to you by the developers of the world’s most popular aquarium monitoring and control system — you can look after your aquarium even if your travels take you thousands of miles away from your fish tank. Readings are based on current and past water parameters. You can control aquarium equipment — e.g. turn on or turn off light and pumps, adjust lightning spectrum, and change pump modes. Users can see how their fish and plants are doing while they’re away via IP webcams. You can even remotely feed your fish! It’s possible to enter crucial water testing parameters to find out whether everything is on point. Users can even get immediate notifications the moment something goes wrong so they can prevent a potential catastrophe.

  • Important: The app in itself is not enough for remote fish tank management. An Apex system connected to the internet is also required.


The aquaPlanner app ($2.99) prides itself on being the number one aquarium manager app for iPhone, and has the features (and download numbers) to back up that not-so-humble claim. With aquaPlanner, you can manage multiple aquariums. Thanks to its task alert system, you’ll attend to all fish tank maintenance duties right on time. These include chores such as changing the water, checking water chemistry, adding medication, and monitoring various supplements. You can log equipment, inhabitants, and of course key water parameters, and even monitor parameter changes on graphs.

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