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With increasing inflation, it is very hard for small businesses to take care of all of their customers. Most importantly, it’s becoming strenuous to maintain their loyalty to their businesses. However, to get rid of this problem there are apps built specifically to reward people for their loyalty to certain companies. Therefore, in this blog, we have compiled a list of 6 company loyalty and reward program apps that are our favorite!

Preferred Patron

There are many rewards program apps available on the Internet, but Preferred Patron is among the best ones. It includes features like loyalty marketing, customer engagement, and rewards like gift cards for customers.

The best thing about Preferred Patron is that it is highly configurable. So, everyone can maneuver it according to their use. On top of this, Preferred Patron is available both as an application and desktop version to make it easy for people to access the software. However, one of the downsides of Preferred Patron is that it is not a hundred percent white label when you access the extended edition. Similarly, you have to access the paid version for extra benefits like 360° branding.

Smile.io (+Shopify app)

Among hundreds of reward apps, Smile.io is the simplest one to integrate into a small business. The user interface is extremely easy to use. It helps businesses to launch programs like VIP points and referrals for customers. On top of this, one of the best things about this reward program app is that it uses social media as a means to reward customers for their hard work. It does seem like a small thing. However, in the age of social media, it is very important for businesses to find a place on social media. With this app, businesses can encourage people to share their reviews online in exchange for rewards like gift cards, etc.

However, Smile.io can do better with its profiling system. Since customers can create multiple profiles it can lead to confusion for business owners.


Perkville is among the top reward program apps that are membership-based. The UI of this software helps businesses to integrate different POS systems in order to reward customers for specific actions. The best thing about this software is that it is extremely flexible for customers to use. It allows them to get rewards for a variety of different actions such as referrals.

On top of this, Perkville has the ability to integrate with many POS Systems for example – vend. However, just like everything else in life, there is a downside to using Perkville. It can only be integrated by businesses that can get their customers to create a profile in order to access this software. This can be a problem for the majority of customers.


They are very few reward program apps that cater to brick-and-mortar businesses, but SpotOn is one of the very few applications that are specially integrated for such businesses. The application is loaded with features such as online review access. Solutions for marketing, and other valuable tools to enhance the quality of businesses.

However, the customers will have to download the application to view the rewards that they can get by purchasing certain items. It has a P2 marketing rating of 7/10 which attests to the application being spot on!

Loopy Loyalty

Loopy Loyalty fills in the loops that are left in reward program apps by developers. The makers of this application have used their brains to come up with a new digitized gift card system. Customers can access it on Apple or Google Pay. So, whenever the customers need to access their rewards, they can simply use Google or Apple Pay accounts to reap these rewards.

Similarly, Loopy Loyalty also has the ability to send targeted messages to customers. It is a great way to avoid marketing costs and target your audience. On top of this, Loopy Loyalty can issue rewards and stamps in a single scan. This ease of access makes it one of the best applications that one can find when looking for rewards program apps on the Internet.


Fivestars may be the last on this list but it’s certainly one of the best reward program apps. The application has an intelligent automation process that automatically keeps track of all the customers and their purchases. Once the customers reach a certain point, they get rewarded automatically. On top of this, Fivestars also provide businesses with a customizable dashboard where they can read about the customers and their preferences. It is a great tool to judge the popularity of different products.

Reward program apps can help businesses reward their customers for their loyalty. Especially in this era, where the competition has hit the roof. We have compiled a list of our favorite reward program apps, so you can choose the one that works best for you!

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