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While having a “lit” chat with your friends and family, everyone faces a time when no one seems to be really engaged or doesn’t have anything to say. Undoubtedly, the availability of iMessage sticker packs can bring some life to your chats but to kick off the boredom, one needs some engagement in such times. All thanks to iMessage gaming, with which you can combine messaging and gaming while having a conversation with anyone. If you are in a dire need of finding some effective iMessage games then look no further. You have landed on the right article. Here we have collected the 5 best iMessage games that you can play with the whole family as long as you all use the iMessage app.

1. GamePigeon

Starting with the most popular iMessage game, GamePigeon which should be your top priority to start with iMessage games. Talking more precisely about it, it’s a compendium of over 20 mini-games including your favorite basketball, 8-ball pool, mini-golf, darts, checkers, chess, four in a row, sea battle, and a lot more. All of these games are very easy to play, you don’t really need to read the long instructions on how to play them. One can easily start with them. Not to mention, you need a few seconds to set up a game with a friend which means you can spend more time on what to play than loading up the game. So, plenty of options in one place offer you a great way to switch from one game to another quickly.

2. Mr. Putt

The second worth mentioning iMessage game is Mr. Putt. This game offers you four different golf courses including frost, blaze, retro, and nebula. Each golf course has different challenges and layouts which you can solve by choosing any course of your choice. Due to its sleek graphic theme, easy controls, and much more options, we can easily say it’s the most engaging game you can play with your family in your spare time.

To play this game, you need an updated device running on at least iOS 11. It may not be realistic but surely is a fun way to spend your time having golf-themed madness with family and friends.

3. 8-Ball Pool

Everyone enjoys playing a game of pool now and again. If you are among those players, then why not satisfy this need by playing the 8-Ball Pool iMessage game? This game gives you hours of fun since you can sink balls one after another. You can either play this game yourself or with your family and friends using a messaging app. You need to have a standalone version of this app on your device once you install it for iMessage. However, there are few requirements to play 8-Ball Pool on both versions. First, you should be online to play it. While for the second version, you need to have an online account on or a linked-to Facebook account so you can play multiplayer tournaments.

4. Wordie

As you can guess from its name, Wordie is a word trivia game. In this game, players get a mountain of letters accompanied by four images indicating the mysterious word. These four images are presented as a hint to guess the mystery word. Moreover, you can make a group of 40 players including friends and family. The best part of this game is the variety of built-in challenges. In case you don’t find the built-in challenge interesting, you can make a custom puzzle and the Wordie allows you to do it.

Plus, you can sync your game on your Apple Watch and other Apple devices as well. With the option of social media integration, you can even ask for friends’ help to solve the picture puzzle

5. Cobi Hoops

The list of best iMessage games is incomplete without mentioning Cobi Hoops. It’s basically a basketball iMessage game letting you score baskets in 30 seconds. While playing with your friends, you get your turn to score many baskets to outdo the others. Moreover, this game also offers you extra players, trick shots, bonuses, and locations as in-app purchases. Cobi Hoops 2 is a puzzle-themed version of this game adding exciting features to increase your engagement.

In this game, players compete with each other to see who scores the most baskets in 30-second rounds. You can take advantage of trick shots to score more in less time and unlock new exciting challenges. Apart from this, there are lots of cool characters available having unique looks owing to beautiful pixel art. You can choose any character of your choice.

This brings us to the end of our best iMessage games list which you can play with your family while you chat. We hope now you know what else you can do while chatting with your people on the iMessage app. However, there is a catch since these games can only be played on iPhones running on iOS 10 and later versions. So, make sure you don’t have an outdated operating system before getting started with them.

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