Enter a Meditative Peace with These Calming Apps

meditative peace

The world since the pandemic in 2020 has been going haywire. New diseases, rising inflation, and political instability there is so much that this generation has to process. Therefore, to stay afloat you need something calming in your life. Be it coloring, jogging, or meditation. These small steps can make your mind relax to help you think straight. However, meditation will be an investment that you make for your future. Here are 6 apps that you can use to enter a state of meditative peace.

1. Calm

The Calm application is the epitome of meditative peace. It’s the best application that you will find on the market. It is inbuilt with many courses which guide you through mediation one day at a time. The app is designed with great attention to detail – there are many features that will help you create an aura of peace around yourself. For example, you can listen to particular audios that will help you with falling asleep as so many people often struggle with falling asleep.

On top of this, one of the most amazing things about the Calm app is that the interface is user-friendly so everyone can reap its benefits without having to invest much time into learning how to use the app. Similarly, the application also has a feature that lets you track your stats – for example, you will have the exact record of how many hours you have invested in mediation, etc. This feature will let people keep track of their progress.

2. Insight Timer

Insight Timer is another brilliant application that lets you reach a state of meditative peace. The app is unlike any other meditation app as it has around 120,000 different types of meditation available for users. On top of this, there is an introductory lesson for people who are new to the art of meditating. The app will help beginners learn the basics of mediation so they can maneuver through their journey easily.

However, the best thing about Insight Timer is that it lets the users connect with mentors across the globe so they can guide the users through the nitty-gritty of mediation. Imagine learning how to play basketball from Michael Jordan? You will be able to learn the art of meditation from the best in the business.

3. Expectful

Meditation is important for every individual, however, as a pregnant lady you can reap more benefits from engrossing yourself in meditation. Expectful is specifically designed for the meditative peace of pregnant parents. As people embark on the journey of parenthood, there are many things that can bother them. Especially with the rising cost of living. However, Expectful guides them through a process of mediation. The library has a meditation for every phase of pregnancy, designed specially to calm people down through this overwhelming process.

4. MyLife Meditation

MyLife meditation is excellent at targeting people specifically to achieve mediative peace. Before every mediation session, you get a prompt that asks you how you feel – for example, anxious, happy, sad, etc. Now, the app will design your session according to your mood. So, if you’re feeling happy – the app will help to increase that feeling. And if you’re anxious for any reason, MyLife meditation will help you maneuver through the feeling accordingly.

5. Ten Percent Happier

This one is for all those geeks who want to learn meditation but cannot get their heads around it. The app will let beginners walk through easy steps to help with mediation. You see, it seems easy when you think about it but silencing your thought is actually a hard task. So, if you are not able to figure it out on your own. Ten percent happier, with its amazing lineup of teachers, will make it ten percent easy for you so you can get into a state of meditative peace.

6. Aura

Meditation is great, but not everyone has the time to meditate for an hour or so daily. Therefore, the Aura application is for all the busy people out there. It takes around 3 minutes to get done with one session of this application. So, you can get it done every day without having to take out much time.

On top of this, the application is loaded with several other features that will not let you off the hook even if you try to procrastinate. For example, there is a journaling section – where anyone can write about their day. Similarly, the app has a mood tracker that will keep track of how your week/month unfolded.

Meditation is a proven method to improve your mental health. However, meditating on your own at first is a hard task. Therefore, it is best to use different applications that can help you focus. This article features 6 apps that will let you engross yourself in a state of meditative peace and zen.

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