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USPS mobile app

Mobile applications have become a necessity these days. Every business requires a mobile app in order to attract customers. For example, a postage service will attract more customers if they have a running mobile app in contrast to a company that does not have a mobile app. This is why the United States Postal Service (USPS Mobile app) has launched a mobile application so you can use their services. However, is the application worth it? Let’s find out.

USPS Mobile App

For example, calculate shipping prices of their packages, find a post office, and investigate ZIP codes. On top of this, the customers can also schedule pick-ups and request the United States Postal Service to hold the mail until they can pick it up. All these perks make it very feasible for the customers to get through the shipping process.

Is the App Worth It?

The USPS Mobile app on paper sounds great. But is it worth your time? Let’s find out!

The application has a very easy interface which is amazing because most of the people that hop onto the USPS mobile app are in need of quick service. Hence the accessibility of the application is a plus point. When you launch the application on your phone, the homepage has a few buttons that lead you straight to the services that the app provides like tracking of your packages and calculation of the shipping costs.

However, one of the downsides of the application is that it does not detect the tracking number from the clipboard of your phone. Most applications these days such as WhatsApp and Facebook have this feature which makes them extremely user-friendly. Similarly, whenever you launch the application on your phone, there is a prompt that requests an application review which can be bothersome for some people. However, as the application is used for shipping services – the users do not need it daily. Hence, these few bugs can be overlooked because the application gets the job done.

Is the USPS Mobile App Safe?

Mobile applications are extremely handy when it comes to our daily life. However due to the security concerns, one can become worried about safety issues while using different mobile applications. Not to mention, the USPS mobile app is safe to use. Still need to be very careful while you access the application and use your GPS through it. You can use the application without worrying too much but it is best that you turn off your location services when you are not using the application. This small step will ensure that you stay safe while surfing the internet.

Can the USPS Improve the App?

Yes, there is room for improvement in everything. The USPS Mobile app is far from perfect. The mobile application gets the job done but there are a few things that can be fixed. For example, the application features a couple of prompts when you use the application for tracking services. These prompts can be bothersome for customers. However, making a few changes in the system can save people from the hassle of closing these prompts.

Similarly, the application can be improved in terms of its user experience. The USPS mobile app has all the basic necessities that you need but the app lags every now and then. On top of this, sometimes the application does not work which forces people to visit the USPS website, making the application pointless. Therefore, improving these small aspects of the USPS mobile application can make an impact on people’s lives. The point is that people who need to use the app will not care about these small bugs – but changing a few things around will be appreciated by the users. It all boils down to the user experience.

What You Can Expect

The USPS mobile app is a handy application that helps people track their packages using their phones. The USPS mobile app is used by hundreds of people that ship their parcels through the USPS shipping service. The mobile application features a very simple interface. However, like everything else in life, there is a catch to it.

The USPS mobile app has a couple of bugs that can be improved by the company to improve the user experience of the customers. For example, the application features a lot of prompts when you use the USPS mobile app. These prompts can be helpful for people but they can also be annoying at a certain point. Similarly, the application stops working sometimes when a lot of users are trying to access it. These bugs may seem small but fixing them will improve the user experience and benefit the company in the future.

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