5 best streaming apps that are totally free!

Netflix has revolutionised the way that most of us watch TV and movies. They introduced the concept of binge watching shows on a lazy Saturday afternoon. It is because of Netflix and similar services that a growing number of people don’t even own a TV or pay for a cable service. We cannot argue that the service is great but they don’t offer every movie, or even some of the newest hit TV shows. We don’t all want to pay a monthly subscription for a service we might not use that often. This is where free streaming services come in, we love them because they’re free and they normally offer something different and can even that niche film you’ve been unable to find anywhere else.

Reading Without the Reading – Best Audiobooks Apps

To keep more informed and entertained, books are a great source of content for any demographic. However, given that reading is often a long process that requires a significant amount of dedicated time, this article reveals the best apps that can be used to listen to audiobooks as a supplementary alternative.

Best Apps for Watching Videos Online

Videos are the most popular form of media that is available online with sites such as YouTube, Netflix, and Vimeo adding millions of hours of content every month. As videos continue to grow and become more accessible, so do the number of mediums that allow for it to be watched with greater convenience and speed. For this reason, mobile apps are increasingly being used to consume different forms of videos as they offer access to any source of content while on-the-go. With so many apps available, this article explores the best ones that can be used to watch a variety of online videos right from the phone. As different apps update their content at different times, it is a good idea to download multiple video streaming apps so that if one app has not yet updated their collection, another app may have.

Best iOS Apps in the Entertainment Space

As a personal device that can be carried anywhere, the iPhone has been used as one of the main portable entertainment systems that far surpass the availability of dedicated video players or gaming devices. With so many apps available in the entertainment category, it can be difficult to identify the best ones for a range of purposes from watching videos to playing games. To fully utilize the device in terms of entertainment, this article discusses the best apps that are available to provide an endless amount of highly entertaining activities.

Augmenting Your Reality – Holo with ARKit Interview

Augmented Reality is a bold new frontier for technology, and Holo with ARKit is one of the very first to take the plunge. Offering truly 3D holograms through your phone, developer 8i aims to broaden the way we communicate through the power of this advanced technology. We spoke with Andrew Tokeley, global head of product at 8i, to get all the details.

MoviePass – A Deal Too Good to be True?

For those who enjoy going to the movies, the cost of tickets can be a factor that deters viewers from going frequently. Even with the points that can be accumulated for purchases of snacks, tickets, and the discounts that are given, going to the movies often can take a significant financial toll.

If you’re a serial e-reader, you have to download these iPhone e-reader apps to take your e-reading experience to the next level!

Regardless of the chosen medium, reading is good for you. The stories that you read and that come to life in your mind – creating a de facto personalized movie theater which only you can access and where you’re the one directing the movies in real-time – help you get away from the troubles of everyday life, providing a safe haven where you can retreat to anytime, wherever you are. Although when it comes to books, content trumps form ten times out of ten, the most striking feature of paper-based books is their undeniably cool looks. This is especially true for comic books, anthologies, and special editions, all of which boast beautiful designs that give these treasured publications ample power to add tons of style and nerd swag to any bookshelf. And if we’re being completely honest, it just feels great to hold a book in your hands, take a sniff of that oh-so-typical, intoxicating freshly bought book smell, and of course there’s the collectors’ fever, which strikes down upon many a people with furious anger, including bookworms. But once you’ve read a book, it is destined to become somewhat redundant an object that takes up space and collects dust (unless, for instance, you give it away to charity, pass it on to someone else, or if you’re an avid collector). In case you’re looking for a more modern, cheaper, and more convenient alternative to paper-based books, e-books are right there at your fingertips, only a few downloads and taps away. To ensure that you make the most out of your e-reading experience, we’ve put together a compilation of the best e-reader apps for iPhone. Keep on reading on – now and forever!

Get Creative With Filmr

There are so many ways to make montages now: collections of our own videos and photos merged into one to create an often-short but sweet glimpse into our lives. Whether it be family photos, videos taken on holiday, or any memory you want to cherish, social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram give us the opportunity to be creative and share those moments. Filmr isn’t another social media app, but instead focuses solely on allowing its users to create video content, and in doing is provides much more freedom of choice and in creativity.


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