Runners and Joggers: 5 Best Apps to Track Your Workouts


Among all the workouts, running feels monotonous if you don’t have much variety. If runners and joggers keep repeating the same places to run, then it won’t seem very pleasant, especially to those who enjoy running the most. First thing first, you need to keep yourself motivated during the entire workout so you don’t lose track.

No matter you are a beginner or a seasoned marathoner, having the best running app can help you in setting up goals, record metrics, and keep a close eye on your progress with each passing day. Moreover, running apps are also helpful in keeping proper track of your health and performance metrics including mileage, heart rate, calories, distance, and pace. These apps record your route with an integrated GPS tracker. Above all, running apps give you a place to gather all your workout information, fitness activities, and nutrition in one place.

Here we have listed some of the most popular running apps in the market so you find the best match for you and click the download button for it.

1. Strava

Strava app is ideal for runners and joggers who feel more motivated in the presence of people around them. The community part of the Strava app allows you to follow your friends, work colleagues, running frenemies, or even set group-based challenges. For instance, you can set up a group challenge of the fastest 5K or the longest monthly mileage.

On the other hand, if you are not really a competitive runner, don’t let it push you down. To help you out, Strava also offers other running tracking features from running speed to the distance traveled. Even you can have in-depth performance analytics and weekly distance traveled reports.

2. Zombies, Run!

Zombies, Run! app gives a realistic touch to your fantasy of running in a world overrun by zombies. This app feels like a computer game where you are running and attempting to collect supplies, rescue survivors, and save the world from Zombies. In this app, you start by selecting a mission. Each mission has a different speed and distance.

You also get the freedom to choose between GPS, step counting, or treadmill running. Plus, whether you want to be followed by zombies or not. Once you start running you listen to all the thrill through your headphones. For instance radio messages from team members, zombies’ screams, dramatic stories, and all the story narration.

3. NHS Couch to 5K

NHS Couch to 5K got extreme hype during the Coronavirus pandemic due to a high number of users. It provides a brilliant way to start your journey in the world of running. Developed by Public Health England, this app helps in developing your stamina in running from zero to 30 minutes in less than 9 weeks.

You can also find out your personal trainer to receive audio prompts and encouragement during the route. All the audios give you instructions during running like when to start, where to take intervals, and when it’s time to stop. This completely free app is ideal for those runners and joggers who want to gradually increase their running time and have a regular running routine.

4. Charity Miles

Can you guess running can do more than just improve your health? Yes, it can raise money for charity purposes. Charity miles keeps the record of the exercise you perform and turn it into cash. You can utilize that cash for the charities of your choice. This makes every mile you traveled more meaningful and motivational. You get a chance to donate 25 cents for every mile you run. Apart from this, You can also join your friends, family members, or employees to speed up the fundraising efforts.

Once you open the app you can pick any charity of your choice ranging from Autism speaks, feeding America, to the American lung association and preservation of nature. Further this app syncs with the data of your Apple health app on your iPhone or pedometer on your Android device. So, for every mile you run, you get cash for charity. It tracks different activities including running, dancing, biking, and walking.

5. Zwift

If you are more comfortable working out at your home, then Zwift can offer a great helping hand in terms of making the workout session more interesting for you. It can change the surrounding through its virtual courses. Additionally, it can add a little gamification to your running routine as a part of the bargain. When you run on the treadmill, it can take your run to multiple virtual courses for challenging social sessions. Apart from enjoying your journey through different virtual courses, you also get a chance to run with other people. This practice is good for encouragement and competition.

To make Zwift work, you need a compatible treadmill and foot pod. However, the run aspect of this app is completely free to use. So, if you have the right equipment, Zwift can satisfy your needs for home runs in a very unique yet effective way.

At the last, selecting the best running app totally depends on the different needs of runners and joggers. For instance, you may want to track your running stats, map your running, and enjoy music to complement your workout. We hope this quick guide helped you to find out your best running app which ticks all the boxes of your requirements.

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