Improve your Grammar with These Three Language Learning Apps

improve your grammar

In the present era of technology, we always strive for perfection. Whether you are a writer, student, teacher, researcher, or in any other profession, speaking English fluently is very crucial. All in all, correct grammar and punctuation leave a positive impression on your audience. Not to mention, grammar is an important aspect of both written and spoken English. To have a strong grasp of the English language you need to look for apps that can help you improve your grammar.

These language learning apps help you to work on your sentence structure with subjects, nouns, and verbs. Moreover, these apps provide the easiest solution to get hands-on basics of English grammar. So, there is no need to dust off that old high school grammar book when you can learn it on your smartphone. Let’s turn to these three language learning apps which are available for both iPhone and Android devices.

1. LearnEnglish Grammar

This grammar app helps you to work on the accuracy of your English grammar. It is one of the top learning apps that offer a number of grammar questions to help you practice and expand your English grammar skills. There are 25 grammar topics, 60 interactive activities, and thousands of questions including fill-in-the-blanks, word matching, and multiple choice.

This app has a separate version for UK and US which follows British and American English respectively. Due to these reasons, both versions help you to sharpen your English skills in either style with a slight difference in pronunciation, spelling, and usage. This content reflects the difference between British and American English. LearnEnglish Grammar is a free app available for both iPhone and Android devices. You can download it and practice English anytime anywhere: on the bus, at home, on the way to school, or at work.

2. Johny Grammar Work Challenge

This is one of the top-ranked grammar apps trusted by many users around the globe free for both iOS and Android users. It has a very exciting mode of teaching grammar. This exciting timed quiz game makes you race against the answer and clock in just 60 seconds. Indeed, it provides 60-second quizzes to test you on the common spelling, vocabulary, and grammar to evaluate your current understanding of English.

Most importantly, these quizzes cover almost 12 grammar topics including prepositions, conjunctions, irregular verbs, and more. Moreover, it takes you through common usage of grammar in daily life from restaurants to small talk, food, and hobbies, and helps you level up your conversational English.

Hosted by Johnny Grammar, this pedagogical tool offers quizzes from beginner to advanced levels covering a range of topics to master this language gradually. Apart from this, when you progress in the app, you earn badges and compete with others on the global leaderboard. This way you stay motivated to speed up your learning process and don’t give up.

3. English Grammar in Use

This is the world’s best-selling practice app for English learners based on Raymond Murphy’s bestselling grammar book of the same name. If you feel more comfortable doing self-study to improve your grammar, then it is ideal for you. It also offers supplementary grammar activities same as in a classroom environment. Along with the interactive activities, it also has integrated audios which help in the listening and pronunciation practice of English. This app is trusted by over 100 million learners and teachers to work on their English skills. You can smoothly access the content online or download it on your iOS and Android devices.

This app is perfect for intermediate learners. There are approximately 145 units of grammar explanations that involve practice. It is free with limited topics. However, to unlock the advanced options of English learning you need to upgrade your subscription. It may seem a bit expensive but worthwhile due to its reputation and trust among learners.

Final Thoughts

With the right learning strategy comes the right knowledge. If you adopt an inconsistent and unauthentic way to advance your level, you may end up learning nothing. Installing the right app that gives you an authentic, reliable, and proven way of learning can pave the way for you to hit your goals quickly. Installing an app is one thing but working on it daily is another thing. Consistency is very important in learning any skill in the world.

We have not mentioned Grammarly or Ginger grammar checker here to help improve your grammar, as these are best to clean up your document. You can try these once you have mastered the basics of English grammar using the above-mentioned apps.

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