Top Apps for Learning a Foreign Language

In our era of technology, it's easier for everyone to learn a foreign language. With just a smartphone, you can now learn a second language!

With the availability of technology, it has become so easy for everyone to learn a foreign language.

Gone are the days when you need to sign up for classes or online courses to master another language. Now with just a smartphone, you are all set to learn a second language. And doing so will definitely contribute to your career advancement.

Foreign Language Learning Apps

There are a number of apps that offer a smooth learning process of another language. One might find it difficult to choose from such huge options.

Below, we’ve analyzed all the top apps which are available in the market and narrowed down a few which could easily become your favorite apps. No matter your native language goal or preferred learning style, you can find the one which meets your needs.

1. Babbel

Starting with the best to date, Babbel offers proven and authentic teaching methods in a variety of formats to assist you in your journey of learning a foreign language.

You can easily use it even on your jam-packed days since it offers bite-sized lessons of 10-15 minutes. To help you retain your previously learned vocabulary word, it repeats the vocabulary in each level.

Moreover, lessons provided on this app are designed with the help of native speakers while covering the situations you actually find yourself in.

2. Memrise

Memrise is one of the most popular foreign language learning apps.

It provides home videos of native speakers to help you feel how a new language actually sounds. These short videos help you to understand the accent of natives and how they express various phrases in conversation.

With the use of proven memory techniques and algorithms, the lessons provided in this app adapt to your brain faster and align with your learning style and pace.

To keep your record of success, it tracks all the vocabulary you have mastered. This app also helps to learn popular language patterns to help you improve your skills.

3. Busuu

When you select any foreign language in Busuu, the app lets you monitor your current level and your advancement. After knowing all this, you can easily set your daily language learning goals.

If you’ve subscribed to the premium plan, this app creates the study plan for you so that you reach your certain goal by the desired date.

According to Busuu, if you study three times a week spending 10 minutes each time, it will take eight months for you to be fluent in your chosen language.

Moreover, if you want to go the extra mile in your desired foreign language, you can select the premium plus option which comes with even more exciting features.

4. Duolingo

No list of best foreign language learning apps is complete without Duolingo. It’s the most obvious and best option to learn effective courses to master another language.

In Duolingo, you find specific courses for each language and it offers almost 81 courses. It’s the best language program and helps you to improve your vocabulary. This app introduces you to a foreign language in a fun and exciting way.

5. Rosetta Stone

This app has been around for more than 25 years. It offers dozens of different languages. You can choose any foreign language and design your curriculum plan according to your preferred learning style.

There’s an option for audio recognition so you can practice your speaking abilities to evaluate your success. Moreover, it also offers audio-based learning so need to use it while staying home or in a quiet place. You can use this learning style while on the go.

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You can get lifetime access to unlimited languages for just $179. Its rating and reviews on App Store are excellent. With a 4.8 rating in 160,000 reviews, it is one of the most highly-rated language learning apps available in the market.

6. Drops

This language learning app is best for visual learners as it adapts a very unique learning approach. It does that by combining images and matching games along with teaching methods.

With the help of the app’s audio, you can learn the pronunciation of words you read. With its interesting teaching method, it limits your lesson to five minutes per day.

According to this app, you should not try to overwhelm yourself by learning everything at once. Slowly by surely, you reach your goal of learning a foreign language. Even its paid plan also limits your learning to five minutes!

7. Hello Talk

This app is aimed at facilitating you to practice and have real-time conversations with native speakers.

You can find a native speaker of your chosen language and contact them using any communication app. Sometimes, you come across a native speaker who also wants to learn your language so it feels like you hit the language jackpot!

This app also offers a translation system. This is useful when you are in urgent need of that one word that is lacking in your sentence to give it a proper sense.

Before finalizing any app, you should decide on your desired language and the time you are willing to invest.

Moreover, your motivation and consistency are very important in learning a foreign language. If you are ready with your proper plan, then you can surely narrow down one suitable app from this list for you.

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