Innovative Apps That Can Help You Grow Your Garden

There are many innovative apps that can help you grow your garden. Some featured apps are free while others come with minimal cost.

“Gardening” always came first as a hobby at a young age, though most of us never had the access to modern technology as today. Now, the passage of time has changed so much, especially technology. However, gardening is something that you can start anytime and at any age. There are many innovative apps that can help you grow your garden.

Some featured apps are free while others come with minimal cost that can help you kick start. Moreover, the apps not only provide information on how to start but also planning, seeding, and everything in between. Many apps also connect you to horticulture experts and a community of like-minded people. Therefore, you to share your experience and get tips.

Some of the popular apps available to make gardening more innovative are listed below.

11 Innovative Garden Apps That Can Help You Grow Your Garden

1. GardenTags

This all-in-one app is an encyclopedia of information that is available on both iOS and Android. Furthermore, connecting with a community of gardeners is very easy with this app. It’s a platform where you can share your plant photos and keep a record of what you grow.

It keeps a collection of images of plants and gardens in one handy location. Also, it is able to identify unknown plants quickly. You can as well get advice from the gardener community and can set up a plant care task to-do list.

2. Leafsnap

This app is downloadable on iOS and Android. To offer you a superior experience, it collects user data. Using artificial intelligence, it identifies plants. The percentage of plants and trees it can currently recognize is up to 100% though it differs based on species.

The app can guide you with the perfect care for different trees after you upload a picture of a certain plant. Also, it can tell you how much water, light, and other necessary thing is needed. That way, your gardening experience is a smooth one.

3. Gardenize

Want to learn through experience? Then, this app is for you. You will get full control of your gardening through its tracking system. It can provide you with tracking results of what and where to plant, how to take care of the trees, and many more.

The app will connect you with a gardeners’ community. Additionally, it lets you record notes of what you have learned. Also, a database of plants with care information is included.

4. Smart Plant Home

The most helpful feature of this app is the care calendar. When you add a plant to the app, the care calendar tells you when to water the plant or complete other tasks.

This app can also identify pests and plant diseases. As a result, gardening becomes fun and easy for you. Moreover, the app is available on App Store and Play Store to download.

5. Garden Manager

The app comes with some unique features. You can tie it into weather stations. So, you can stay relaxed regarding watering the plants. This lets you get alert at the right time for protecting tender plants from frost.

Also, you can set reminder alarms to do everything correctly and take proper care. Keeping track of gardening progress and plants’ measurement on a graph is very simple with it. So, you can enjoy your gardening. The app is available only on Android.

6. Gardroid

The app, too, is available only on Android. It provides tips and information on sowing and plant care, keeps track of vegetable progress, and recommends the harvesting period of each plant.

As a result of this, you can save time, enjoy gardening, and take precautions when needed. So, grab the opportunity of gardening!

7. Planter

This app is available to download from the App Store and Play Store. The unique feature of this app is that it can tell you which plants are companions and which are combative plants.

Moreover, you can learn more about different plant diseases using this app. It helps you plan your garden by choosing the size of the plot and selecting appropriate plants. Also, it provides information such as the depth the seeds need, the time required for harvesting, and the amount of water needed.

8. Garden Journal

The app keeps track of your planted trees. It can also give you an update on how they are growing. Additionally, it provides reminders of watering the plant and pest advice.

Because of all these, you can take proper action timely. As with other apps, notifications allow you time to respond along with specific tips.

9. Planta

Planta is an excellent app for newbies. It gives recommendations and cares reminders for plants. The app even has a light meter. Due to this, you can understand what kind of light your yard has. It basically helps to organize plants by location.

You can download Planta either from App Store or Play Store. It has the feature of improving user experience by collecting data. So, using Planta might be a great option for you.

10 GrowIt

GrowIt connects you with an enthusiastic community of gardeners. As a result, you get all the valuable information and remain inspired. You can also share your cultivation experience through this app.

GrowIt is an ad-free service and has the ability to access all question answers within the app itself. That is why you get a “hassle-free experience” using this particular app.

11 Moon and Garden

This app offers gardening advice by relying on the phases of the moon, which is quite a different approach to planting and harvesting. This app makes gardening recommendations depending on lunar phases and weather forecasts.

Moreover, it connects you with the gardener community, sets reminders, and schedules gardening tasks. You can get this app for iOS or Android devices.

Finally, all the above innovative apps are helpful in troubleshooting, identifying different plants, bugs, and problems, and giving solutions. So, if you want to grow your garden, you can consider using any one of these innovative apps. Start with whichever sounds best and adjust as you go along. Happy gardening!

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