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artists and creatives

Nothing can compare to drawing on paper using old fashioned pen or pencil. It’s satisfying work. However, when it comes to deleting something or modifying the already drawn design, you can’t undo your work on paper. Fortunately, technology is on your side to facilitate you in every aspect possible. With the best drawing apps available in the market for artists and creatives, it’s now possible to make quick changes and use the advanced options in creating multiple designs. You can create your best work by just using your creative thoughts.

Here is a short list of handpicked drawing apps that can facilitate you to keep your creative juices flowing.

1. Procreate

Procreate is an iOS-friendly app that allows artists to use the popular iPad Pro and Apple pencil combination. With all the powerful tools you can expect much more from this drawing app compared with Photoshop. You can access all artistic options including layers, custom brushes, and special effects on your device. Apart from this, it’s easy to export the image in PSD format with all intact layers. You can also check the procreate community page, where you will find different tutorials by skilled artists to support new digital artists of any skill level. Don’t forget to check out its animation feature since it can literally give life to your work.

2. Adobe Photoshop Sketch

It is a tested and tried application facilitating the artists for many years now. Adobe Photoshop Sketch offers a very smooth and clean interface having other Adobe products included in it as well. On the left side, you will see the brush panel, while the right side has minimal design tools providing you large digital canvas for painting. This drawing app offers great help to fine artists to add a digital component to their work. With simple and clear tools, you can give a visual appearance to your creative thoughts.

3. Behance

This free art app is under the Adobe family. It allows you to make a creative and professional portfolio online, so it’s one of the great apps for artists and creatives alike. You can also get ideas and insight from the other artists’ portfolios from the app. No matter the creative field you are in, Behance is full of creative and original ideas for you. To get help in creativity, you easily search for whatever you are looking and it will show you thousands of unique ideas. This app also brings a social feature where you can follow other people’s profiles and get instant updates on the projects. Moreover, you can talk with other people using the chat feature in case you need creative advice from them.

4. Pixiv

Pixiv app is another good option in the world of creativity available for both iOS and Android. This Japanese app covers everything from drawing to comics. It feels like you are drawing on a paper due to the multiple user-friendly options available in its app. Apart from that, you can connect with the Pixiv community, discuss your content and bookmark your favorite piece of work. This app also gives you useful recommendations of artwork similar to your own so you can have brilliant ideas based on the work of others. You can also use the search option to get help with multiple innovative ideas to improve your skills. Not to mention, it also provides you a way to make money by monetizing your work on Pixiv.

5. Google Arts and Culture

The Google Arts and Culture app provides you with sufficient knowledge of the culture, history, and artwork of over 2000 institutions from 70 different countries. With the availability of cool options including art transfer, color palettes, art selfies, and art projectors, you can simply enrich your work with creativity and give it life. Digging more into the details, it offers 360-degree videos, visual reality tours, and high-resolution street views to satisfy your quest of knowing more about the cultural artifacts of different places. In short, this app has preserved the world’s art in just one place which can be accessed by anyone, anywhere. Once you are in, you get fresh recommendations every day regarding artifacts collections of different galleries and museums.

6. ArtStation

ArtStation app shows you brilliant ideas to turn your creative art into a mind-blowing masterpiece. With the availability of different filters, you have the freedom to choose what attracts you. Just like Behance and Pixiv, you can make a portfolio online and make it visible to the right audience. Moreover, you can follow the channels of your interest. In this app, if you select any art piece, you will see every relevant search and creator’s details at the bottom making the entire process hassle-free. Apart from this, this app also has various sections like Prints, Jobs, Magazine, and Blogs.

So, if you are having a creative block or want to introduce some improvement in your creative work, then these apps for artists and creatives may help you to keep the ball rolling. With the right apps, you can bring your imaginary world to reality and feed the creative soul in an exciting and fun way. So, go ahead and give a try to these apps to do what you love to do—create!

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