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Are you looking for predictable cash flow, portfolio diversification, and some great tax advantages? Real estate investing is a reliable source of passive income. And with real estate investment apps, you can simply use your smartphone to start investing in real estate.

Here are the best real estate investment apps available.


1. Arrived Homes – The Best All-Around

Arrived Homes is one of the newest real estate crowdfunding platforms gaining a lot of traction on the market. This is no surprise since the company allows investors to purchase shares of rental properties for as little as $100.

The organization handles the hassles that come with being a landlord, such as identifying and acquiring properties and finding tenants. Furthermore, they manage the day-to-day operations of property management. Investors simply receive a portion of the rental revenue each quarter while the properties grow in value.

The app makes the procedure straightforward: Simply create a free account on the website and go through the available properties. While new rental properties are often fully funded, you can reserve shares of prospective properties before they become available. This ensures that you don’t miss out on any excellent investment opportunities.


2. CityVest – The Best for Institutional Real Estate

Accredited investors have exclusive access to institutional real estate investment opportunities through CityVest. The minimum commitment is only $25,000. This is much lower than the usual six-figure investment necessary to access these types of opportunities.

To do this, the app combines contributions from several investors into a single bundle. When it is large enough to meet the minimum investment requirements, they invest. This gives people the chance to invest in top institutional real estate funds which are otherwise unavailable to individuals.

Furthermore, CityVest exclusively works with institutional funds that are audited and administered. Each offering includes a third-party due diligence report that verifies the information from the investment manager. This helps to ensure that the investment is as safe as possible.

CityVest’s $5 million pooled investment allows them to acquire access to major private equity funds. However, it also allows them to negotiate better investment terms. This normally takes the shape of a higher preferred return and a more appealing profit share.


3. Streitwise – The Best App for Top Dividends

This is a private REIT that sells shares in its commercial real estate portfolio to investors. The firm specializes in low-risk commercial real estate investments aiming to provide clients with regular high-yield returns. Because of this, the group focuses on markets that are consistently increasing and have lower risk potential outcomes.

To date, investors receive an average dividend yield of approximately 9%.

Streitwise takes pride in having simple fees without the complication that can come with REITs. You’ll pay a 3% charge the first year, on top of your initial investment, and 2% per year after that. There are no acquisition costs and the fees are among the lowest in the industry.

Despite being young and expanding, Streitwise boasts a foundation of solid experience and a vision for the future of investing. If you’re trying to diversify, but think real estate is too lofty a goal, this app is worth looking into.


4. CrowdStreet – The Best Option for Commercial Real Estate

CrowdStreet offers accredited investors a simple way to add commercial real estate projects to their portfolios. They match individual investors with project developers who have been approved through background and reference checks. You can select specific properties or invest in CrowdStreet’s funds covering a wide range of real estate developments.

The minimum commitment varies for every project, but most require at least $25,000 to start. The minimums for CrowdStreet’s real estate funds vary as well.


5. AcreTrader – The Best for Farmland Investment

AcreTrader displays actual farmland parcels available for investment opportunities. Depending on your investment preferences, you can choose from a variety of offers.

Farm types span from row crop farms in the Midwest to almond groves in California. AcreTrader goes through a thorough underwriting process and fully displays each deal on its website. Before you invest, you can look at images, maps, documents, and an analysis of financial predictions.


6. Groundfloor – The Best App for Real Estate Notes

Groundfloor is a one-of-a-kind financial product that allows non-accredited and accredited investors to participate in fractional real estate investment loans. Short-term, high-yield returns backed by real estate are now possible thanks to the platform. Most loans have returns of 10% yearly on a 6- to 12-month term.

The program is based on Groundfloor’s venture loans to real estate entrepreneurs, which it originates and services. Therefore, every loan is pre-funded by Groundfloor following a comprehensive verification of the borrower’s creditworthiness, experience, and business plan. In addition, it’s necessary to estimate the property’s value, both as-is and as-improved.

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7. RealtyMogul – The Best Option for Public Non-traded REITs

Thanks to RealtyMogul’s innovative platform, investors can manage the entire commercial real estate investing process straight from their online dashboard. This app makes commercial real estate accessible to regular investors, providing effectively managed REITs, thoroughly researched property listings, and top-notch support.

The app simplifies the commercial real estate investing process and offers investors diverse solutions to expand their portfolios.

This ground-breaking platform is the first of its kind and makes commercial real estate investment more accessible to everyday people. RealtyMogul is one of the most distinctive fintech solutions on the market. It boasts a complete due diligence procedure and a full range of investing services, as well as a user-friendly website.


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