Best iPhone food apps of all time

Everything from recipes to restaurant ratings can be found online, and the iTunes App Store is packed with apps that can make getting all kinds of food information a snap. Eat healthier and find great meals with this list of the very best food apps.

Evernote Food (Free)

Foodies unite with Evernote Food, which is specifically designed to make it easy to share your edible experiences. You can snap photos of your meals to share with communities on Facebook, Twitter and elsewhere, and the app also helps foodies by pointing them toward great recipes and restaurants to experience new things. Plus, everything you shoot, save and create is saved through Evernote’s cloud system.

Open Table (Free)

Making reservations or waiting on a list for a table at a restaurant can be frustrating, especially if you’ve entered that angry phase of being hungry (known across the Internet as being “hangry”). OpenTable’s job is to help prevent that by making it easier to get into the restaurants where you want to eat. It lets you make reservations online at more than 20,000 different restaurants across the country. Just put in the pertinent information, like date, time, and party size, and OpenTable does the rest.

Food Network In The Kitchen (Free)

Find all kinds of recipes from your favorite Food Network chefs in Food Network In The Kitchen. Recipes are arranged by dish type, so you can find anything to make ranging from appetizers to desserts. You can search for recipes both by chef and by ingredients, and In The Kitchen supports doing things like adding notes to recipes, converting units automatically, and setting multiple cooking timers.

Yelp (Free)

Yelp is more of an app for local businesses, but it’s great as a way to find restaurants near you. It’s made up of a community of users who leave reviews and comments about their experiences at businesses, which makes it great for finding out if you really want to visit a particular restaurant. It’s also useful for finding information like what’s on the menu and what a meal will cost, and other tidbits like what restaurants are nearby your location.

How To Cook Everything ($9.99)

You’ll find more than 2,000 recipes on offer in How To Cook Everything, as well as a bunch of other handy features to help you make great meals. The app also features 400 color illustrations to help you achieve great meals, and has features like the ability to add recipes to your calendar and email as many as 10 recipes a month to others. Meals are broken into a variety of cooking categories to help you no matter what you need or how much time you have, and the app also features social network integration.

Fooducate (Free)

Eat healthier with assistance from Fooducate, which is packed full of information about the foods you eat. You can get rundowns of not only how many calories are in your foods, but their nutritional qualities as well, so you pick good foods instead of just low-calorie ones. The app also includes a barcode scanner to give you information on products while you’re shopping, and you can track both your calorie intake and exercise to reach weight loss goals.

UrbanSpoon (Free)

If you’ve ever haven’t been able to decide what you’re in the mood to eat, Urban Spoon is for you. It uses your iPhone’s GPS to find restaurants in your area, and allows you to search for them by setting various categories, like what kind of food you want and what kind of price you want to pay. The app can return suggestions based on your choices that are near you, or randomize the picks to help you find something good without making a decision. Then you can get information and directions and head out for a meal.

Great Coffee App ($2.99)

There’s a lot to know about good coffee, and that’s where Great Coffee App can help the would-be connoisseur. The app teaches you about 16 different kinds of espresso-based drinks, as well as information about coffee in general — like where it’s grown, how it’s made, and more. The idea is that the more you learn about coffee, the more you’ll appreciate it, and you might even find new drinks to love.

Harvest – Select the Best Produce ($1.99)

If you’re ever confused as to how to pick the best produce at the grocery store, you’ll want to grab Harvest. It includes lots of information about different fruits and vegetables, and teaches you how to know if they’re ripe or not, and when they’re best to buy (and eat). You’ll also learn how to store your produce to keep it longer, and find out which products hold onto the most pesticides.

Wine Spectator WineRatings+ (Free)

Learn all kinds of information about wine with Wine Spectator. The app comes in two varieties — free and paid — and both are loaded with information. On the paid side, you’ll find all kinds of information about wine in general, like rundowns of 55 different regions in the world where grapes are grown and the wine they produce. Spring for the extra $2.99 paid version and you’ll also get ratings on more than 270,000 bottles of wine, plus information about them as well.

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